Waste Oil Storage

We are often asked how to store used oils for recycling. With our minimum requirements for our recycling in mind we make the following recommendations.

Used Cooking Oil Storage

We will be able to supply you free of charge with a couple of 60l storage containers for your safe and convenient storage used vegetable oil.

Used Mineral Oil Storage

There are many options if you produce a lot of oil then you would be well advised to look at some sort of bunded tank, For ease of collection we'd also recommend that a 6 wheeler tanker can get within 50 feet of your storage receptacle.

For smaller producers you could use sealed 45 gallon drums. We have a large store of these at our Site in Dumfries and you can pick some up free or we'll drop some off when we're uplifting your farm plastics or delivering a recycled plastic product to your premises. In all other cases we can courier you out a drum for waste oil storage at a small fee.