Lambing Time In Nottingham With Solway Pens

We are regularly asked to see our pens in a live situation. We have a video below of solway lambing pens from Paul Redgate of Wiley Wood Farm, Moorgreen, Nottingham.

One of the major benefits of the Solway pens that is highlighted by Paul in the video is that there is no loose string on our interlocking pens so there is no chance of any of the lambs hanging their selves.

Lots of Experience Farming

Paul and Diana have been on Wiley Wood Farm Since 1990 although the family have been involved in agriculture for many generations in Nottinghamshire and have over 100 years cumulative experience.

The type of sheep that Paul keeps are Shropshire which produce excellent lamb and mutton year after year.

Award winning pens for an award winning farmer

Willey Wood Farm won the small farm category for Nottinghamshire in the Wilkinson Environmental Award in 2008. No chemicals or artificial fertilisers are used on the farm. The recycled plastic of our lambing pens is ideal for the ethos of the Wiley Wood Farm business.

For more information on our award winning lambing pens call Robin now on 01387 730666 or you can buy everything you need for lambing time from our shop.