Seperating your Farm Waste plastic recycling

To make this easier we have divided up common plastics into five groups or 'Waste Streams' to prevent contamination place plastics straight into liners. Farm waste disposal and collection for recycling is more successful if the following seperation is made.

If you have any queries ring us on 01387 730 666.

Stream 1 - Stretch plastics and polythene bags

Solway Recycling bin and liner systemSilage Wrap
Silage Pit Covers
Small Feed bags (not woven bags)
Sawdust Bags
Shrink wrap, pallet covers and other similar plastic packaging

Stream 2 - Woven Polypropylenes

Bulk Fertiliser Bags and Feed Bags
Seed Bags

Please ensure all bags are EMPTY of residue product.

Stream 3 - Hard Plastic Drums and Containers

Filled liner Herbicide and Pesticide Drums
Wormer containers etc.
Dairy cleaning chemical drums
Iodine Drums
Feed Lick Buckets

ALL containers MUST be TRIPLE rinsed.

Foil tops that have been thoroughly cleaned can go in with the drums.

Contaminated foils must be kept separate as they are classed as hazardous waste.

We will arrange for these to be collected separately

Stream 4 and 5 String and Net Wrap

String & Net Wrap - Please follow the same method for both but please do SEPERATE the two streams as they are recycled in different processes.

Please remove as much debris as possible.

Please fill all the liners by hand to stop contamination of the plastic.

When you have filled your liner, tie the top with a piece of string or a large cable tie.

All liner are inspected and tagged before they are uplifted.

Any liners deemed unfit for recycling will not be uplifted.

Ready for collection? Arrange a plastic farm waste disposal.


We also offer a hazardous waste and waste oil collection service or call 01387 730666.