Solway Lamb Shelter and Lamb Shelter with creep feed system

The standard lamb creep feed shelter can be designed in a variety of different colours. The Creep Feeder has an adjustable front so you can change the height of the opening to suit your needs. The back panel has a hinged door for pouring the feed into the internal trough system which can only be accessed internally by your lambs.

The Lamb Shelter is exactly the same as the Creep Feeder minus the trough system, back door and adjustable front. A single larger opening is supplied with the Lamb Shelter.

The recycled plastic nature of the lamb shelters ensures that it is hygenic and bacteria free. The highly durable nature of recycled plastic will ensure that the product can be used season after season with no treatment for the weather unlike more traditional wooden products.

Dimensions and Attributes of Solway Lamb Shelters

The standard lamb creep feeder is a roomy 5ft x 4ft has the dimensions length 1220mm, width 1550mm, height 990mm or length 4ft, width 5ft 2in, height 3ft 3in. The shelters are designed with unique airflow system to keep lambs at a constant temperature in all weathers. Both the Lamb Shelter and the Lamb Creep Feeder are available in the following four colours:

Black / Grey / Red / Green

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