Hazardous Waste Service

Solway Recycling Network offers a hazardous waste disposal service across most parts of Scotland, Wales and England. Solway specialises in agricultural hazardous waste disposal but we have partnerships with many experts who will take almost any waste disposal problem.

Every farm produces small amounts of these wastes that include the following.

Used oils, oil drums, filters, batteries, grease cartridges, tyres, a.i. gloves and straws, used medicine bottles, sharps, aerosols, old chemicals and veterinary products and asbestos.

If you are unsure about the items you have or they not on this list phone us on 01387 730666 and we will help you with their recycling or disposal.

Most hazardous wastes cannot be mixed, therefore you will need to store them separately and in a safe place. Liquids and oils should also be stored in a bunded area capable of holding 110% of the total volume. Once you have the storage issues sorted out the rest is straightforward.

What the Solway Hazardous Waste Disposal Team Will Need to Know
  1. How much of each liquid is left in every container?
  2. Has the farm waste type been diluted? A common practice with sheep dip.
  3. Are your containers fit to travel? We can arrange for either a screw top or clip top drum to be delivered for the purpose these are a standard 205 litres.
  4. Every item individually listed and please be as specific as possible.
  5. Your location? The laws are slightly different across the UK. In Wales you must be registered with the hazardous waste registration system through the Environment Agency. Although you only have to legally register if you produce more than 500kg our collectors will be unlikely to collect in Wales without you being registered.

Click Here to Contact Solway Recycling for a Hazardous Waste Disposal Quote

Firstly enter all waste types into form. Secondly add all volumes or weights. Next we'll require your postcode so we can quote from all local hazardous waste collectors. Finally your details so we can get in touch as quickly as possible with our best quotations.

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