Solway Plastic Pig SHELTERS

Robust recycled plastic pig arks can be used for either agricultural or domestic use Solway produce 3 alternatives of our larger Pig Shelters:

8 X 4ft, 8 x 6ft or an 8 X 8ft Pig Shelter.

They are of a simple construction and simply lie on the ground giving your pigs somewhere safe and warm to rest at their own free will.

Being made from the robust plastic that it is, it means that the pig arc is easily cleaned, easily moved and all weather proof, and from our own experiences we have not had any instances of the Pig Ark moving in the wind either.

Options on our Recycled Plastic Pig Arks

There are a choice of 3 colours either red, green or black.

The Solway Pig Ark can be built with or without a floor and may have a choice of opening to suit your pig type.

A choice of three openings to tailor our pig shelters to the neads of your pigs.

Delivered flat packed of fully built.

Assembly Instructions for Solway Pig Arks

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