About Solway Recycling Ltd

Solway Recycling Limited was founded by Managing Director Roy Hiddleston. The Company has over 20 years experience in collecting and recycling waste agricultural plastics.

In the early days, Roy collected the waste plastic loose, however, due to the different mix of plastics and the high contamination levels, it proved too difficult to recycle this material. This then led Roy onto producing the Solway Bin and Liner system.

Solway Bin and Liner system.

The system segregates the different materials found on farms, which makes it easier to recycle, and one major benefit to Farmers is that they don’t have an unsightly mound of black plastic that blows around everywhere.

The Bin and Liner system is a proven, low cost system, that is used by Farmers throughout the UK and Ireland to recycle plastic.

Many recycled products go back onto the farms from which waste products have been collected, creating a closed loop both ecologically & physically.

National Farmers Recycling Service

Solway, operates the National Farmers Recycling Service which again, is available throughout the UK and Ireland, by using a network of distributors in different areas.

The Company also helps Farmers with new farm waste laws.

Solway has introduced a Waste Policy Folder that gives information on legislation, and how to manage waste on their farm. It also acts as an evidence folder when Farmers are inspected by SEPA or Farm Assurance Scheme’s as they would file all their waste transfer notes and correspondence in the folder.

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