Solway Recycled Plastic Fencing The Alternative To Wooden Posts

Ideally suited to agricultural and farming our fence post are a real alternative to wood for any back garden or field also. They really come into their own when used for large projects as a spacing of 6 to 7 feet is attainable between posts with amazing results.

Solway have the option of solid fencing posts. Call Robin or Anne on 01387730666 for full information.

Benefits Of recycled Plastic Fencing

Strong and durable It will never rot or require treatment for the weather saving you time and money over the longer term.

A Rounded smooth finish so there is no chance of your animal hurting itself on the post. If used in a garden situation then there is no chance of little fingers getting a splinter like traditional timber fencing.

Non Porous will not absorb moisture and won't hold water.

Lightweight and Impact Resistant. Making your posts easy to work with and long lasting.

Environmentally friendly these posts are 100% Recyclable. If in 30 years time, you're bored of your fence, it can be recycled!

UV Protected will last a lifetime.

Multiple Options For Fitting Your Plastic Fencing

4 main suggestions


Firstly make a pilot hole. We'd then recommend using a hand held post driver or suitable mallet to secure the post. Our plastic fence posts can also be secured with a mechanical post driver but this will be dependent on ground conditions.

Fence Type 1

Suitable for either sheepwire or electric steel. Simply drill a 10mm a hole through the front your plastic fence post no specialist tools required a standard drill will do this job safely and reliably.

Now simply clip and secure the wire with the Solway Insulator.

Note: This will only work with the hollow solway posts

Fence Type 2

Suitable for use with electric steel wire. Simply drill a hole all the way through the side of the post and feed the wire right through the post.

Once again all that is required is a standard drill capable of producing a 10mm hole or so enough to feed your wire through.

Fence Type 3

Suited to both barbed wire and electric steel wire. Firstly Drill a hole through the side of the post. Then run your choice of wire across the front of the post and secure the wire from the back using smaller lengths of wire to hold against the post.

Fence Type 4

Good old fashioned metal staples hammered into the plastic. You may find this a little harder to do than a normal wooden posts however!!

Pricing, dimensions and delivery of your new plastic fence posts

Your new hollow fence posts will be 54 inches or 137cm length with a diameter of 3 inches or 7 cm.

We also have a large range of solid posts which come in various sizes:

Round Sections

45mm diameter x 1750mm
60mm diameter x 2500mm
70mm diameter x 2500mm
80mm diameter x 2800mm
100mm diameter x 2800mm
120mm diameter x 2800mm
150mm diameter x 2800mm

All available in grey & brown

Square Sections

70mm x 70mm x 2800mm
90mm x 90mm x 2800mm

Contact us via our online form or call us in the office for the latest prices on the solid posts