The Green Tractor Scheme is an ever-expanding group of environmentally focused, forward-thinking businesses that are positively affecting UK agriculture, by lobbying for and inspiring innovation within farm plastic recycling.

Our members wear our badge to:

  • Show a commitment to environmental change within farming and the wider agricultural sector.
  • Show their prospects and peers that they operate at an accredited minimum level with regards to accountability of plastic waste.
  • Boost their environmental and ethical position and ESG credentials.

Built from a collective need to make a positive change, Solway Recycling took a stand in 2020, with the other three founding members, after working within the agricultural waste management industry for years. The need for education to promote sustainability, recycling and awareness within the farming community prompted the establishment of the Green Tractor Scheme.

With an ambition to make all agricultural plastic waste recyclable by 2030, the founders set out with the knowledge of the solution to the problem being in: education surrounding separation and presentation of waste for the farmers, collaborating with and enabling recyclers to be more efficient and effective and lobbying government to force producers to remove unnecessary plastics from the supply chain.

The Green Tractor Scheme is actively setting the standard and recruiting every agricultural business to be responsible and accountable for their own part to play in changing the environment and the industry for the better.

Solway Recycling continue to strive to bring about positive change in agriculture and The Green Tractor Scheme is another way they are helping to further promote sustainability. To find out more on The Green Tractor Scheme, please visit the website The Green Tractor Scheme.

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