Eco plastic Dog Kennels

The Eco Dog Kennel is manufactured from 100% Recycled Plastic, this gives our plastic dog kennels the following benefits:

The Eco Dog Kennel range allows your pet to be within its kennel in a warm, secure and comfortable environment. You are given a choice of models for you to choose from so you can tailor to you pets needs. A recycled plastic dog house will not require any weather treatment saving you maintance costs.

Recycled Plastic eco Dog Kennels Dimensions and Extensions

Solway Products Eco Dog Kennel can be made with a sliding or a fully opening door to suit your breed. The kennel may also be built with an 8ft run to suit your breed of dog and this can be made larger if necessary with our 4ft extension kits. If you have a larger dog you may find our Monster Dog Kennel more suitable

Our Eco Dog Kennel can be built in the following colours:


Solway have recently launched a mini range of recycled plastic dog kennels which may suit your needs better if you have limited space available

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