Sheep Equipment - Sheep Pen Attachments

All our sheep equipment is designed to supplement our recycled plastic sheep pens. All three sizes of Solway sheep pens are tailored to by additional sheep handling equipment. Due to the variety of attachments and accessories that are available allows each farmer the ability to design their own sheep handling pens to their own exact requirements.

All our products are available to purchase on an individual basis although some have been designed specifically with our award winning sheep pens in mind.

Sheep Handling Equipment to complement Solway Sheep Pens

Anti Move Pad

Solway Recycling have produced an anti move pad which is made from 100% recycled plastic to complement the sheep pens lambing adopter front. The major benefit of this individual product is that it will give added rigidity to your sheep pens allowing more sheep to be held in the pen without any chance of damage to the pen. The anti move pad is designed with our adopter front range in mind and is detailed second from the top in the pictures opposite.

Anti Escape Pen

The anti escape pen which has been designed specifically to fit the Solway sheep pen. The recycled plastic front will avoid any escapes from pens which will reduce lamb escapes and any chance of false mothering. The anti escape pen recycled plastic is a strong and durable material which will not require treatment for the weather which as with all Solway recycled products will save you time and money over the longer term. The anti escape pen is shown in the third picture on the right.

Internal Lamb Protector Panel

The inner lamb protector panel will allow shelter to your lambs within your sheep pens allowing them to avoid draughts and also remove any chance of them being smothered by their mothers. Makes the perfect area for tending to poorly lambs. The internal lamb protector panel is shown in the fourth picture on the right hand side.

Sheep Feeding Equipment to complement your Solway Sheep Pens

One Gallon Bucket

Tried and tested product can be sold as a standalone product for use all over the farm it is durable and environmentally friendly. The recycled plastic is extremely strong and can withstand chewing, butts, kicks and general farm wear and tear without any problems. The bucket is shown as a sheep feeding attachment in the second from bottom picture.

Hay Rack

Solway Products sheep pen is the perfect accompaniment to your sheep pens helping ease the feeding of your sheep allowing the farmer to feed their sheep with ease. Tried and tested for strength the recycled plastic is strong enough to withstand chewing from your beasts.

With the hay rack attached there is also less need for entrance to the pens making your sheep handling and tending easier. The elevated pen will keep hay clean with less chance of spoiling or wastage. The Solway Hay Rack is detailed in the bottom picture of the page opposite.

Bucket Holders

Whilst each sheep pen comes with one free bucket holder per pen there is space for more. These are available to buy online.

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