Black Recycled Plastic Sheets

Solway-Board Livestock Boarding is available now in two finishes the easy clean finish or the textured finish when you buy our black plastic sheets.

What size of sheets are available?

The sheets are available in 2 standard sizes either 2440mm x 1220mm or 3000mm x 1500mm.

All of our solway-board sheeting can be routered to suit your needs and we can deal with any request for bespoke products.

What thicknesses are available in the black plastic sheet?

There are a variety of thicknesses available depending on the texture and finish our newest and most flexible plastic sheeting is now available in a 3mm plastic sheet This is the thinest sheet we hold as stock available to buy. We have a variety of sizes available and Livestock board can be purchased in black upto 18mm thick.

What is the difference in finish on the easy clean and textured board?

Easy clean is smooth and simple to wash and wipe back to new. The textured finish adds to the products grip and like the easy clean board in non porous and extremely hygienic. An easy clean finish could be used on sheep hurdles, when a trailer floor is being made a more robust anti slip board would be the textured finish.

You can buy Solway-Board for Livestock Boarding online or call our office for more information on 01387 730666.