Recycled Plastic Dog Kennels - Solway Mini Dog Kennel

Solway Recycling Released the Mini Dog Kennel for the Royal Highland Show back in 2010 and has been a huge success

From customer feedback Solway have produced a smaller plastic dog kennel to suit the needs of those that felt the eco dog kennel was slightly to big for their pets. The feedback we received suggested that smaller breeds of dog would require a smaller kennel which has been designed to be 3ft 4” by 2ft 3” and the optional run is 3ft.

Recycled Plastic Dog Kennel Benefits:

Hygienic and Easy to clean
No Maintenance Required
(no weather treatment required)
All Weather Durable
Scratch Proof

The Eco Dog Kennel range allows your pet to be within its kennel in a warm, secure and comfortable environment. You are given a choice of models for you to choose from so you can tailor to you pets needs. Recycled plastic dog kennels will not require any weather treatment saving you maintance costs.

And the additional benefit of being lightweight and extremely portable letting you move the kennel indoors or out as required.

Mini Dog Kennel Dimensions and Prices

Solway Dog Kennel Mini 3ft 4" by 2ft 3" Costs £141.96 inc delivery and VAT

3ft Extention Run Kit £162

Buy Solway Mini Dog Kennel Online. If this is not quite to your requirements then you may want to have a look at our larger recycled plastic dog kennels in the Eco Dog Kennel range.