Waste Oil Recycling Process

What oils do Solway want for recycling? - Almost all of them vegetable or mineral we will recycle subject to minimum volumes.

Vegetable oils - any used fats from fryers in chip shops, hotels, pubs etc.

Mineral oils - used engine and oils from farms, garages or anywhere else, we recycle transmission oil, aviation oil and even red diesel.

We'll Recycle these oils at a cost

Oils from paints, white water and other oils heavily contaminated with high levels of water or other contaminants like chlorine or ammonia. If in doubt give us a call and we can arrange for a sample to be sent to our state of the art waste oil recycling lab.

Suitable storage prior to oil collection and recycling

For vegetable oil storage we can deliver 80 litre containers to your restaurant or pub as 80 litres is our minimum requirement for a collection of used vegetable oil. For mineral oils sealed 45 gallon drums or large bunded seal tanks are recommended for waste oil storage.

Collection Process For Recycling Waste Oils With Solway

Let us know your ready for collection and we'll arrange it for you. We'll need to know what type and volume of oil you have for collection.

Do you recycle the oils together?

No the oils are collected separately and recycled in different manners all engine and mineral oil is recycled into a fuel oil for heating and power.

The vegetable and cooking waste oils are recycled into a biofuel through a different process.

How Do I start the Waste Oil Recycling Process?

First step is collection of the oils. Click the highlighted link to read more about the exact process and then get registered for a collection.

Used Vegetable Oil Collection.

Waste Engine Oil Collection.

Any other Waste Oil Recycling questions please contact us to see how Solway can help with your recycling needs.