• pig ark for sale

    8' by 4' pig ark
    with CENTRAL opening

    (incl VAT)

    Our 8ft x 4ft pig arks are made from 100% recycled plastic making them extremely durable and weather resistant unlike traditional models the plastic is unlikely to crack and very strong so will withstand even the roughest of treatment from your pigs.

  • picnic table for sale

    1.5 Metre
    picnic table

    (incl VAT)

    Available in a choice of colours, the Solway Products 1.5m picnic table is made from plastic that is 100 percent recycled this has the added benefit of being easy to clean and extremely hygienic.

  • plastic hen houses for sale

    Smart Hen House

    with 4 nesting boxes

    £530.96 incl VAT

    Comes in a choice of colours, black, green, red & grey and also avaiable in a 2 nest box model. The adjustable legs allows room for your birds to shelter underneath. Fully removable roof and back door allows for easy cleaning.

  • plastic deluxe hen house for sale


    with 2 nesting boxes

    (incl VAT)

    Comes in a choice of colours, black, green, red & grey and also avaiable without the mesh extension run. The external nesting boxes allow for easy access to eggs and the larger back door makes cleaning simpler.

  • recycled plastic


    Solway-Board is the recycled sheet that has 1000's of uses - stable cladding, lining cattle races, go karting tracks, trailer floors, ground protector and lots more. We also offer a cutting service on the Solway-Board

  • lamb warming box ii

    lamb warming box with

    free heater

    (inc VAT)

    The Lamb Warming Box provides a constant flow of warm air to heat up lambs suffering from Hypothermia and is easily kept clean to avoid a build up of diseases.

Welcome to Solway Recycling LTD.

Established in 1992 and currently one of the longest and most established waste farm plastic recyclers in the world, Solway Recycling Ltd has unparalleled experience in farm plastics recycling.

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on farm collection

Arrange your farm plastic collection by completing this quick five stage process we will arrange a collection through our network of collectors throughout the UK

solway waste oil collection

Dispose of cooking oil vegetable oil and engine oils with our UK wide recycling service full coverage England, Scotland and Wales for any disposal of oil waste

bulk loads collected

Large bulk plastic loads wanted for recycling - collect farm plastics either loose or in liners on farm: Crop Cover Recycling, Polytunnel Recycling, Stretch Film Recycling

cumbrian collection hubs

Solway Recycling Ltd. offer farmers both an on farm collection service for their used plastics or they can bring it to a collection site.