Calf Housing - Calf hutches

Solway Recycling has developed a unique form of recycled plastic calf housing our plastic calf hutches are the perfect product to rear young cows. The hutch can be built with or without a front to suit your needs the added benefit of the front feeding panel is you may feed your calf without having to enter the lodge and keep the young enclosed so that there is no chance of escape and a reduced chance of any food spilling. Many of our customers have been looking for calf hutches and this is the perfect modular calf housing as they may be grouped together easily and moved when required.

Other Calf hutch Benefits

Lightweight calf hutch may be moved with ease allowing you to group your pens easily and change your mind as often as required. Therefore if your needs on farm change then you can easily move your calf housing to accommodate other requirements.

Our hygienic calf housing can be easily cleaned and is non absorbent thus reducing any bacterial build up on your recycled plastic calf lodge. Mild detergent and power hosing should easily remove even the toughest of stains.

The calf lodge plastic is 100% recycled so will not require any weather treatment thus reducing your costs, saving time and money as the calf hutches will be usable year after year.

Other Calf Housing Considerations

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