Plaswood Technical Data

Now in use for many years plaswood is a proven product in both the farming community and in many industrial applications.

Landscaping uses include - Fencing, Signage, Furniture, Bollards, Barriers, Path Edging, Walkways and Gates among many other applications.

Highways - Marking Verges, Snow Posts and Grass Protection Bollards.

Schools and Playgroups - Enjoyed by kids everywhere making play areas last, litter bins, planters, access ramps or gates the potential for plaswood is limited by your imagination only. If you have any project in mind the Solway team can help you make it happen with our in house design team.

Many other fields have used plaswood to the benefit of their project.

Plaswood Resistance And Strength

Weather and Climate

Plaswood is resistant to rain, frost and snow. Black plaswood will not fade and plaswood is not affected by UV, Plaswood sections may expand or contract slightly in extreme temperature conditions, this can be compensated for when fixing sections into final position.

Resistance to Chemicals

Completely resistant to all domestically available chemicals.

Animal By Products

Plaswood will thankfully clean up with a warm soapy cloth and is suitable for power washing. All unwanted animal presents are simple to move from plaswood.

Durability, Maintenance and Life Expectancy

Will not splinter or rot with age

Suitable for washing will require no treatment for any weather conditions.

Under normal circumstances a plaswood will last over 20 years.

Vandal Resistant

Plaswood has a finish which helps hide effects much better than wood.

Plaswood can be gouged with effort but it's much harder to damage than traditional timber products.

Non porous nature of plaswood means it won't absorb water so wipe down after a shower and sit down on it without getting damp trousers.

Ordering Plaswood

Either call Robin, our in house expert on 01387 730666, or contact us to request a call back or quote.

All dimensions are subject to a tolerance of 3%