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Farm Plastic Collection

Large bulk plastic loads wanted for recycling

Solway Recycling collect farm plastics either loose or in liners on farm.

Local Solway Farm Plastic Collection Area Scotland and Northern England

We are based just outside of Dumfries and collect plastic ourselves on a regular basis in the following counties, Dumfries and Galloway, Ayrshire, Argyll,Lanarkshire, Lothian, Fife,Renfrewshire, Stirlingshire, Scottish Borders, Northumberland, Tyneside and Cumbria. We also collect from some parts of Tayside, Perthshire and Lancashire.

Click here for our pricing and options on farm plastic collection.

Farm Plastic Collections Yorkshire

Solway Recycling have regular on farm plastic collections in Yorkshire and will continue to collect in Yorkshire on a regular basis.

We have groups of customers in areas as diverse as Thirsk, Scarborough, Hull and Wakefield. We can collect your farm plastic waste in Yorkshire when we are next in the area. Click here to arrange a farm plastic collection in Yorkshire.


Plastic Storage

Plastics and other bulky materials can be collected and recycled through our specially designed Solway Bin and Liner system. Ideal for the tidy farmer we will collect loose farm plastics from any farmer or small holder not using our bin and liner system.

This was launched over six years ago and has proved to be a highly successful and popular method of managing farm wastes prior to collection.


Hazardous or Special Wastes

Farmers often ask us about recycling, and disposing of other wastes such as waste oil disposal, oil-filters and redundant chemicals.

Due to this demand we have extended our service to include Hazardous or Special Wastes. Use our on-line hazardous waste form for a Free, no obligation, quotation. We have cultivated several special deals with some of the UK's leading Waste Management Companies to offer you very low disposal and recycling prices for these wastes.

UK Network

Word of this simple, low cost system has spread among the farming community; we sell and service the system right across the UK and Ireland.

We are delighted to announce that we have developed a major network of collectors and distributors (all of whom have an agricultural background), who work together to provide an effective waste service to Farmers and other rural-based industries.

NFRS- The One-Stop-Waste-Shop

The NFRS can offer every Farmer in the UK and Ireland a complete and comprehensive solution for the disposal and recycling of all farm waste types.

Contact us or submit the NFRS Registration Form and we will organise uplift and disposal of your wastes. Our 'One-Stop-Waste-Shop' means that your time is not wasted chasing prices or dealing with several waste contractors.

NFRS Waste Policy

Each Farmer can purchase a NFRS Waste Policy, which includes a Recycling Certificate, a section for storing Waste Transfer Notes (Waste Transfer Notes are issued each time a Controlled Waste is uplifted). At the end of each year farms will be given an Annual Statement, which details all of the holdings waste movements for that period.

Information held in the Waste Policy proves that you have disposed of your waste in an acceptable and legal manner. You may also be asked to provide this evidence for the Environment Agency, SEPA, Farm Assurance or other regulatory bodies.


Registration is easy, just complete and submit your details on the online Registration Form, or download and print the Registration Form in either Word or Adobe PDF Format (download Adobe Acrobat Reader FREE, click here), or ring us on our National number 0870 850 2953.

Once you have registered for the NFRS we will keep you informed about changes in legislation and other new Farm Waste issues. We will also provide you with a no-obligation proposal, on how we can help you control, and dispose of your different wastes.

Thereafter, the NFRS network offers you a simple, cheap, pay-as-you-go, waste management system.

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