Solway RecyclingVegetable Oil Collection Service.

We have access to 15 major oil recycling depots, and a fleet of over 100 vehicles collecting vegetable oils around the country, from Lands End to John'O Groats. You request it we'll come and get it. With nationwide coverage your collection is of any cooking oil or vegetable oil will be UPLIFTED FREE OF CHARGE.

Where do you collect used cooking oil from?

We will collect from pubs, chip shops, hotels, clubs, schools or any factory. We have 100% coverage of mainland UK and we will collect your used vegetable oil FREE OF CHARGE.

Do Solway collect oil in remote areas?

Yes, Solway will collect oil in remote areas however we may be slightly longer in getting to you. We aim to have all collection request fulfilled within a week and in many cases we hope to uplift your waste sooner.

Is there a minimum for collection?

We do stipulate that you have at least 80 litres for collection but we can arrange for suitably sized drum to be dropped off after your first collection so that you can safely store any used oils prior to the collection.

Is there a maximum collection?

No, we'll collect any amount. In fact for many larger sites we'll help you monitor your oil usage because for every collection you'll receive a waste transfer note and if your the owner of many restaurants and hotels then these can be used to trace overall oil usage and impact on the profitability of the business, another great aspect of our free collection service.

How Do I Arrange A Collection Of Used Cooking Oil?

We'll need contact name and telephone and an approximate amount of oil that you have for collection. If you could let us know if there is any time that isn't suitable to collect that would be a great help too. Either fill out our contact request form, give us a call or click here to arrange a cooking oil collection.

Do Solway recycle other oils other than Cooking Oil?

Yes Solway can arrange a engine oil disposal. If you don't have vegetable oil to be collected.