Solway Recycling Recycling Bin and Liner System

Solway recycling have produced two different sizes of recycling bin as we are aware that everyone has different needs and space requirements on their farms. Shown above is the Large Solway Recycling Bin which should be adequate for even the heaviest producers of waste plastics. The Solway Mini Bin and liner system is perfect for those with limited space or those who don't create as much waste.

Now used on 3 continents with growing customer numbers in New Zealand and Canada.

Solway Farm Plastic Recycling Bin Dimensions

The Solway Large Recycling Bin is 4ft High with 4ft Diameter and will hold 1400 litres. Solway Recycling Large Bin Liners have been known to hold up to 400kg of compacted farm wastes. Some farmers have told us up to 750kg but we would expect around 400kg with a good compaction system.

The Solway Mini Recycling Bin is 3ft High with 2ft Diameter and is ideal for smallholders recycling. Which we abve custom designed mini liners to suit our mini recycling bins are the ideal solution in an equestrian setting and many greenkeeping firms and lanscapers use them to store plastic containers and spray cans for future recycling.

Below is a (very old) video of the bin and liner system. The idea is still the same, while the look of the bin (and fashion) may have changed slightly.