Poultry Housing - Duck Coop - Duck House

The recycled plastic duck house has been part of Solway Recycling product portfolio for quite some time and the range of poultry house available has been extended with the release of the mini duck coop which was launched at the Royal Highland show in 2010.

Solway Recycling have produced Duck houses and Coops to suit differing needs

The pricing varies with the size of the poultry house. The Duck Coop was designed with the rest of the Solway mini range to suit the needs of farmers or any other individual who wished to take care of a smaller amount of ducks. With space a priority for many the Duck Coop has been custom built 3ft 4" by 2ft 3". The cost of the recycled plastic Duck Coop is £152.17 including delivery and VAT. This can be supplemented by a 3ft run for £162 inc delivery and VAT.

The larger Duck House is suitable for larger amounts of poultry and is available at the cost of £250 inc delivery and VAT.

Benefits Of Plastic Duck Coops and Duck houses

Recycled plastic will give the benefits of:

Buying a Duck House or Duck Coop and other Poultry Housing considerations

Both The Duck Coop an House are fully built on site and will not require any further work by yourself, you deserve the time for other more enjoyable things like getting your ducks into their new home.

Buy the Solway Duck Coop or House online by clicking for the product name to be taken to the shop - buy duck house or buy duck coop

If you didn't find exactly what you were looking for you can veiw all our recycled plastic products on one page for some poultry housing need we find that you can utilise the Solway hen house for other purposes.