Solway Recycling
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Solway Recycling Tyre Disposal Service

Solway will recycle all tyre types. We have extensive connections across the recycling industry and should be able to remove any tyre within the UK. What we are usually asked when it comes to recycling of tyres is how much it costs.

Follow the red link for general hazardous waste enquiries to arrange a pick up of your used tyres follow the link for the tyre disposal service. For larger loads there may be some discount applied to your bill so don't hesitate to let us know the volume of tyres you require us to remove from your premises.

Although Solway Recycling started life only servicing the agricultural community and picking up tyres from farms this is no longer the case you may use our tyre recycling service regardless of location.

Prices vary locally for tyre recycling although can be as low as :

£2.50 - for a car tyre

£3.50 - 4 x 4 Tyre

£12 - 7.5 Tonne Arctic type

£25 - Front Tractor Trailer

£50 - Rear Tractor Tyre.