Solway Lamb Warming Box

The feedback from the owners of over 550 lamb warming boxes has been fantastic. This is an easy to use system to make your lamb warmer without the need of water. Simple to use, easy access with partitions in the reviver box unit for up to four lambs. This adaptable product has a removable partition which allows you to accommodate an older lamb if needed.

Watch the video below to see how easy to use and how it will save you this lambing time, click play below to see our lamb warming box demonstrated.

Benefits and Features of the Solway Lamb Revivier Box

The Box itself is leight weight at around 25kg it's light enough to move without too much strain but heavy enough to stop your lambs moving it around.

The recycled plastic of the unit is easy clean which will help reduce the build up of bacteria helping survival. It makes your new warming box long lasting so you'll be saving lambs for a generation.

The Lamb Warming Box provides a constant flow of warm air to heat up lambs suffering from Hypothermia which will circulate freely through your reviver box.

Your new lamb warming box will be delivered fully built unless you ask us to send your lamb warmer flat packed with instructions. the dimensions when assembled are 900mm long x 500mm wide x 650mm tall.

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