Chemical Waste Removal

The National Farmers Recycling Service offers a nationwide collection and removal of farm plastics. Due to the size of our network we have the capacity to arrange chemical waste and oil uplifts through the leading companies in our industry at reduced rates.

Chemical Waste Legislation for Removal

Any third party that is contracted to do any work on your behalf will be fully compliant with all SEPA and EPA regulations. We aim to work with those striving for the highest standards both environmentally and financially. We want both the best deal for you and the environment. If there is a recycling alternative rather than incineration then we will let you know your options on the hazardous chemical waste that you have for removal.

Likely Costs for Chemical Waste Removal

Solway will always source you the cheapest method for your chemical waste but any chemical waste removal is likely to be over £100 due to the nature of the transportation requirement and the paperwork required for each chemical waste removal from your farm.

Great deals on Oil Waste Disposal

Due to our connections in the industry and the size and scope of the National Farmers Recycling Service we will be able to remove oil filters for under £100 and waste oil for free if you are doing any other job with us at the same time.

Arrange your no obligation quote for any farm chemical waste disposal today. Either click the highlighted link or phone Solway on 01387 730666