Recycled Plastic Alternatives To Plywood

Whatever your need there is a plastic alternative available on the market here at Solway Recycling we are proud to supply raw materials for the production of both Solway-Board and plaswood. We are currently looking to source further recyclable plastics for delivery ourselves for the manufacture of ecosheet if we deliver raw material and take finished product we save money and benefit both the environment and the end customer with cheaper recycled plastic products.

Plaswood Recycled Plastic Alternative - Manufacture And Distribution

Plaswood is produced from recycled farm plastics here in Dumfries with a greater volume of the farm plastic being delivered by Solway Recycling every year we are helping reduce the carbon footprint of these super recycled profiles and products even further.

For more on the many uses of plaswood have a browse through the plaswood products listed below, suitable for the manufacture of benches, walkways including decking profiles and many other products suited to almost any environment plaswood is available in black,brown,light grey and green,yellow, blue or red. We use plaswood profile for the legs of the solway Smart hen house.

Solway-board Livestock Boarding Plastic Plywod Substitute

Solway-Board is an agricultural board suitable for withstanding almost any treatment that you and your beasts put it under. The uses for Solwy-Board are almost endless due to the flexibility of the smaller 3mm sheet through to the almost bullet proof rigid nature of the 18mm Solway-Board.

EcoSheet is a brand new board and has proven itself a winner in the construction industry as a real alternative to wood as a hoarding material this rigid board has very similar properties to ply. There are more and more uses for the board being found daily.

For further information on or Solway-Board click the highlighted links.

As well as animal housing and arks we regularly get asked to design products to store feed for animals like our extremely popular big bale hay feeder.

Even crops can be stored in containers made from Plaswood or Solway-Board.

Past projects include a grain bin, coal bunker, waste bins and many more. Do you have something you'd like us to try and emulate in recycled plastic? Drop us an email at or contact us through our online form