Solway will keep Cooking Oil Collection legal and understandable for everyone involved but keep it clear that there is a duty of care and legal requirement to dispose of your cooking oils properly.

Some Legal Requirements For Consideration When Arranging A Cooking Oil Collection

When disposing of your cooking oil there is the benefit of moving the materials off your premises, as under the FOOD SAFETY ACT 1990 any problems arising from the effects of grease, cooking oils or other fats used in the catering trade used in the cooking process which results in non compliance with food hygiene regulation due to drainage issues. Can result in prosecution or an enforced cessation of trading under the FSA 1990.

Having the correct paperwork for the transfer of any used vegetable oils.

Failure to produce waste transfer documentation can result in a spot fine or prosecution. Please note local authority officials have the legal rights to recover any costs involved in any investigations. Anyone collecting waste from your premises must be registered under the ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION ACT 1990 : DUTY OF CARE. The producer of the waste must ensure that the collector is registered with the Environment Agency as a "registered waste carrier."

Do not unnecessarily horde waste cooking oils.

Under the EPA 1990 section statutory nuisance, you have the responsibility not to cause statutory nuisance which can be classed as accumulation of refuse, leading to smells or leaving the premises in a state deemed prejudicial to health or a "nuisance". This is open to individual interpretation by the complaining party but there is no need to horde any cooking fats with our minimum collection level of 80 litres for a free vegetable oil collection. Any complaints of this nature will be investigated by your local environmental health officer and enforced locally.

Solway will Also arrange to have a larger drum dropped to you premises for oil storage if you have smaller five litre containers or oils in poor condition drums. Do not take chances there is no need call us now on 01387730666 to remove any chance of non compliance.

Is Cooking Oil A Hazardous Waste?

Unlike our waste oil collection for any mineral oils cooking oil collection and the disposal of vegetable oils there are no hazardous waste regulations that apply you do still have your own duty of care requirements to be aware of.

Other aspects arising from your duty of care when transferring waste cooking oils

You as the producer of the waste have the legal obligation to check that it is being disposed of correctly and is compliant with all laws even after the transfer has been signed (EPA 1990). Some ways no longer acceptable for the disposal of waste oil are landfill as liquid waste was banned from landfill in 2007. Waste cooking oil is banned from being used as an ingredient in any animal feedstock which has been the case since 2004.

All reclaimed oil collected by Solway and on behalf of Solway will be accompanied by a signed waste transfer form and all reclaimed vegetable oils will comply with all cooking oil collection legislation and be processed in the production of biofuel.