Solway Eco Poultry Houses Often Copied Never Bettered

OK, We would say that! Their our products! We've listed five reasons why you'll love them too. However it's the thoughts of our customers also. Mrs Lee from Bromsgrove had this to say about our Eco Poultry Houses:

"Thank you for the quick delivery, your service was just great. The product is excellent and I am really pleased with it. The chickens are happy too, so much better than the wooden one we used to have. I would be happy to recommend your product and service to others."

  • Solway Poultry Houses are suitable for between 2 and 15 hens. (Have a look at the models below you'll find one perfect for your needs) Have a look at our data sheet to decide which model is best for you.
  • Recycled plastic is extremely durable and will not need repair or treatment for the weather.
  • Extra options available to make your hen house exactly as you want it, 4 colours, optional extra perches, different sizes of extension run kits to fit your surroundings perfectly.
  • Reduce the threat or red mite from your flock with a Solway Poultry House. Other unwanted bacteria will also find it very hard to find any place to hide on our smooth easy to clean recycled plastic surfaces. While we cannot guarantee red mite will not find a home on your hen house the plastic does not allow red mites to penetrate unlike wood.
  • Have a look at the options we have available below for your hens or chickens. We cater for all types of poultry keepers, from starters to experienced farmers.
  • We haven't neglected ducks either we have a very popular recycled plastic duck coop and duck house which you can find more information on by clicking the highlighted link.

Solway Mini Hen Coop

The Solway Mini Hen Coop is ideal poultry housing for 2 to 5 hens. For further in formation on the Solway Mini Hen Coop click the highlighted link

Solway Deluxe Mini Hen Coop

Giving your hens the extra space of a 3ft or a 4ft run the Solway Hen Coop will comfortably house up to five hens. For more information on the Solway Mini Hen Coop range click on the highlighted link alternatively you can buy a Solway Mini Hen Coop Online.

Solway Eco Hen House

The Solway Eco Hen House is a well loved house with many owners round the country. Ideal Poultry House for the smallholder with 3-6 chickens or hens for further information on our Eco Hen Houses follow the high lighted link alternatively you can buy your own Solway Eco Hen House online.

Solway Deluxe Eco Hen House

The Solway Deluxe Eco Hen House has the option of having front feeder holes for easy feeding or a larger opening door giving you the option of placing feed inside the run. The deluxe extension run make the house very well suited for up to 6 birds. For further information on our Eco Hen Houses follow the highlighted link alternatively you can buy your own Deluxe Eco Hen House Online.

Solway Eco Hen Ark

This Poulrty House is ideal for farmers or smallhoders looking to keep more chickens. There is a choice of four colours for your Eco Hen Ark for further information and options click the highlighted link or buy one of our award winning Hen Arks today.

Solway Deluxe Eco Hen Ark

The Solway Deluxe Eco Hen Ark is the ideal poultry housing for up to 10 birds there are 3 optional fronts and the run can be extended in further 4ft sections if required. Follow the highlighted link for further information on our Eco Hen Arks or buy yourself one of Solway Recyclings Hen Arks Today.