Monster Dog Kennels

Produced from 100% recycled plastic these are robust easy clean kennels. Suitable for larger breeds that need more space and a larger environment than most smaller plastic dog kennels available on the market today. Solway have built our monster dog kennels to satisfy this need for extra space. Solway monster dog kennels make the perfect german shepherd kennels. Buy a solway monster dog kennel online today.

How Solway Manufacture Monster Dog Kennels

All Solway monster dog kennels are made from 100% recycled plastic which has been sourced from the UK farming community. We've used plastic from over 40,000 farms from Orkney in the north to the south coast of England. The Solway manufacturing process uses only UK sourced raw materials helping rebuild our economy.

All our kennels are built on site the monster dog kennel can be built in black or grey. You are safe in the knowledge that Solway have years of experience building housing for powerful animals like pigs, horses and cows so the building of a custom built kennel for larger breeds of dog is a natural step for us here at Solway.

Monster Dog Kennel Benefits

Recycled plastic is extremely strong we've been building housing for animals like goats with powerful horns, our goat arks receive the roughest of treatment and withstand it with ease. Your monster dog kennel is virtually scratch proof.

The smooth plastic makes it simple to clean, easy to brush out and it will scrub up like new with nothing much more than elbow grease and a bit of household detergent. Your monster dog kennel is suitable for pressure washing and easy to dry due to the non-porous, non-absorbent nature of the plastic used in the production process.

No planning permission will be required as the kennel is not a fixture unlike some more traditional wooden kennels. Due to the exceptional workmanship,size and strength we would advise you to use at least four people when you are moving the kennel.

There will be no cracks or rough edges for bacteria to fester and grow in making your monster dog kennel hygienic and help keep premium breeds like the german shepherd free from disease and infection. Your kennel will not require treatment for the weather leaving you more time to spend with yours dogs.

Monster Dog Kennel Features and Options

The monster dog kennel has a large opening door on the front of all extension run kits and the back of the kennel giving easy access, both these doors have a bolt lock for added security.

The optional extension run kits were designed initially to be fox proof and keep predators out of poultry runs. We have used the same galvanised steel on the monster dog kennel runs and it's strong enough to withstand any escape attempt.

The kennel has a free flow ventilation system which can be opened or closed depending on the temperature outside. This helps the kennel stay cool on a warm afternoon and also reduces draughts on a colder day.

Your monster dog kennel is built to order and can be assembled in either grey or black.

Monster Dog Kennel Dimensions

Monster Kennel External Dimensions: 1500mm L x 1010mm W x 1020mm H
Monster Kennel Front Opening Dimensions: 420mm W x 710mm H
Monster Kennel Back Door Dimensions: 390mm W x 690mm H

Monster Extension Run Dimensions

Deluxe Monster Kennel Extension Run Dimensions: 1220mm L x 1010mm W x 1020mm H
Superdeluxe Monster Kennel Extension Run Dimensions: 2440mm L x 1010mm W x 1020mm H

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Solway produce a range of plastic dog kennels which are more suited to smaller breeds or puppies. To veiw all our dog kennels or purchase in our shop follow the link to buy Solway dog kennels online.