Recycled plastic Raised Beds And Gardening Kits

At Solway Recycling when designing our recycled plastic raised beds we noticed gardeners regularly asking questions like of the kind "how to make a raised garden bed" and "how to build a raised garden bed". We also took into consideration the fact that building your own raised bedding is costly and time consuming so we have designed easy assemble raised beds.


New Easy Access Raised Bed available

This new product allows easier access to the surface of the raised beds by having a highr wall. This suits people with bad backs, smaller children and wheel chair users.

The 1200mm x 1200mm bed allows plenty of space for a large amount plants/ flowers. At 620mm in height the raised bed should be a good height to suit the easiest of access.

The extra plastic means more area is in contact with sunlight meaning the soil will be warmer resulting in better crops.

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Solway Eco Raised Beds Help Kids Build Understaning Of Nature

Our Environmentally Friendly Raised Beds are made from 100% recycled plastic the raised bedding plastic will not require weather treatment which will save you time and money over the longer term. They are adaptable to any vegetable types and have been used as bedding areas for strawberries, flowers and almost any other purpose. Popular with both local authorities our raised beds have helped with children's understanding of vegetable growing and first links to nature.

Other Benefits Of Recycled Plastic Gardening Raised Beds

The fact that there is no weather treatment applied to Solway raised bedding kits also has the added advantage of avoiding potential seepage of chemicals into your bedding soil. You can also spend your time focused on the more enjoyable aspects of gardening and vegetable growing.

Less compaction of soil will allow a better crop to grow as drainage is also improved by the height of the bed. Raised Beds reduce pressure on back as less stooping is required to tend to your plants.

The black colour of the raised beds attracts the sunlight, in turn warming up the soil giving your plants a welcome boost.

Raised Bedding Protector Frames may be added to your Solway raised beds which can be covered with any material of your choosing a common example is meshing which is known to keep birds and insects at bay.

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Raised Bedding Dimensions - Solway Raised Beds Are Available In Three Sizes

Standard raised beds are 190mm high and the dimensions are (900mm x 900mm).
Intermediate raised beds 290mm high with base of (1220mm x 600mm).
Solway deluxe raised beds are 290mm high and the dimensions are (1220mm x 1220mm).
Our raised bed kits can be built in rows around these dimensions depending on your needs.

New Raised Bedding Innovations At Solway Recycling

Here at Solway we have recently added some new designs to our portfolio including our rectangular raised bedding we are contantly striving to meet all our customers raised bedding needs and as such have responded to the demand for new recycled plastic product.

Solway Raised Bedding Costs Inc Delivery

Standard Raised Beds
Intermediate Raised Beds
Deluxe Raised Beds
Intermediate Raised Beds With Protector Frames
Deluxe Raised Beds With Protector Frames

The delivery cost savings are passed onto you the customer when you buy any of the raised beds in a row products as you get a reduced price per module you will find a calculator for each individual product when you have a look at any of our raised beds products online.

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