Designed for the tidy farmer, this practical recycling system for silage wrap, crop cover and bale wrap recycling is used by 25,000 farmers, and has cracked the dual problems of contamination and mingling of farm plastics. We operate the unique low cost Solway Bin & Liner System which allows Farmers to segregate and store different types of plastic on farm prior to collection or drop off. This system keeps your farm tidy on a daily basis and allows us to determine how much plastic you have prior to collection. For users of large amounts of plastic we can offer a bulk collection (For bulk loads contact us for details).

How it Works: Step 1

The Solway Bin and Liner system has three main parts, the body, the lid and the Liner.

Fitting the Liner correctly will enable you to get the maximum amount of waste plastic in the Bin and save you money. When fitting a new Liner make sure that the bottom of the Liner is touching the ground inside the Bin. Then moving round the Bin whilst holding the edge of the Liner pull it down three quarters of the way down the outside of the Bin. Roll it back up the side of the Bin and squeeze it over the clips that secure the lid to the body.

This method will ensure that the Liner lies flush with the inside of the Bin, and it will give you enough outside length to tie the Liner up when it is full. It is a common mistake to flip the Liner into the Bin and not pull it far enough down the outside. This results in the Liner folding over itself inside the Bin, reducing the filled volume of the Liner, and outside the Bin there is insufficient lenght to enable the Liner to be tied up.

Step 2

Keep the bin next to the bales or clamp.
Place the used plastic wrap in the liner straight away.

This simple act radically reduces the contamination of the plastic which allows it to be recycled efficiently, and keeps your farm tidy.

Step 3

Compact the Plastic
Put as much plastic in the Liners as possible. Many users make a large weight or use a full fertiliser bag to gently compress the plastic in the bin.

By compacting the plastic it is possible to get over 300 kgs in a single liner.


Once the liner is full, remove the bin lid, and tie it off with string or a large cable tie. Next open the body of the bin by undoing the two over centre catches, and the bin will open outwards.

To clip up the bin again, roll the sheet on its on its back, pull the ends together, and insert the tongue end into the locating strips and re-connect the securing clips. Replace liner as described in step 1 and place the lid back on.

Step 5

Use a bale grab or other suitable equipment to move the liner to a convenient area ready for collection.
Remember we need working room around and above the liners to allow pick up with a Hiab.

Step 6

Take your filled liners to a suitable bulking up and collection area.
This needs to be close to a road or other area of hard-standing and clear from any overhead wires or cables. Please also ensure that there is hard standing for our vehicle to sit on whilst loading.

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