Agricultural Storage - Innovative Plastic Solutions

There are a variety of uses of these agricultural storage units from cherries and peaches internationally to industrial application on potato and carrot farms through out the United Kingdom.

The Best Way To Store Potatoes And Carrots

Used by growers throughout the UK, plastic is becoming a common form of agricultural storage. The sturdy and robust containers are suitable for multiple uses and can be easily transported from farm to farm and used by more than one buying group.

Features of our Robust Plastic Agricultural Storage Units

Easy to lift with fork lift for ease of loading.

Simple to stack to maximize space.

Very strong - hard to break will last season after season.

Hygienic - very easy to clean suitable for power washing.

Longer lifespan than traditional wooden agricultural storage containers.

Suitable for a multitude of uses can be loaned to the strawberry farmer up the road out of season at cost to earn back some of your hard earned cash. As well as crops these storage units have been used outside agriculture and are as suitable for storing a fresh catch of fish as a fresh harvest of fruit.

External Dimensions of Ace - 1200 x 1000 x 740mm
Capacity - 620 ltrs

Nationwide Distribution Capacity

With our extensive links throughout the farming community we have the ability to deliver nationwide at low cost and with great speed. For large orders we are able to offer the better deals so we can supply any capacity from a single storage unit to a full truck load.

Unless you order very large volume we'll be disappointed with ourselves if your order is not with you in 2 or 3 days. (For very large orders please check lead time).

What Do Solway Need To Know About Your Agricultural Storage Needs?

What weight of product is going to be packed in the box?

How high will they be stacked?

Solid or Perforated box?

How will the box be emptied tipped?

Where and for how long will the boxes be in storaeg?

What location are they being delivered to?

What Options Are There On The Farm Storage Unit?

The option of perforated edges to allow free air flow or a solid box. Call for further info 01387 730666

Multiple colours available in Blue, Grey, Brown, Yellow, Green and Red

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