the Solway Eco Hen Ark

After listening to feedback on our Eco Hen Ark we decided to make a few minor changes to the design to suit owners and chickens alike one thing that hasn't changed is that we continue to build our arks on site when delivered to you all you'll have to do is the simple 5 minute job of clicking the nest boxes and extension run into place.

The Latest Solway Eco Hen Ark has external nesting boxes for easy access to eggs and also allows more room inside the hen ark for you hens. We have also changed the door to utilise our recycled plastic rather than have a metal bolt lock meaning more recycled product is used make it more eco-friendly. The final change we have made is the perches now go from front to back rather than side to side, this makes the hen ark easier to carry and move around.

Eco Hen Ark Manufacture

The Eco Hen Ark is manufactured from 100% Recycled Plastic our Solway Eco Hen Ark is produced on site from the recycled plastic collected from the farms of our 40,000 customers. No part of the process is outsourced this gives our unique Eco Hen Ark many benefits:

Solway Eco Hen Ark Benefits

Easy to clean the Solway Eco Hen Ark can be scrubbed up with minimal effort a bit of elbow grease and a domestic detergent will usually do the trick but the Solway Eco Hen Ark can be pressure washed to save even more time. The added benefit of the recycled plastic is that your eco hen ark will dry quickly in the sun there will be no cracks where any water will pool.

Easy to move the Solway Eco Hen Ark is both easy to assemble which will be done here on site however if you are moving and have limited space your Eco Hen Ark can be dismantled and re-assbled with no damage.

All weather durable the Solway Eco Hen Ark is suitable to all weather conditions. The recycled plastic will not require any treatment for the weather you will not waste time, money or energy treating your Ark for the elements unlike traditional wooden products.

Comes fitted with two nesting trays which are easily accessible from the large opening back door which is lockable to stop your hens escaping but giving you easy access to the nesting boxes.

Rot proof the Solway Eco Hen Ark will be standing in 30 years time.

The recycled plastic used in your Eco Hen Ark will help prevent the build up of red mite which is a problem if you are housing a number of birds together. While we cannot guarantee red mite will not find a home on your hen house the plastic does not allow red mites to penetrate unlike wood.

Our Data Sheet is designed to help you in deciding which hen house is suitable for you.

Solway Eco Hen Ark Dimensions and Options

Eco Hen Ark: Internal floor space of 1445 x 1110mm - or a full 1.6 metres square internal floorspace give adequate room for between 10 -15 hens or 10 - 18 bantams.

Here at Solway you may have a Deluxe Eco Hen Ark with a 4ft Extension Run or to give your birds added luxury you can choose the super deluxe eco hen ark which has our largest steel galvanised run.

Deluxe Extension Run: 4ft
Super Deluxe Extension Run: 8ft

Full Dimensions Of Hen Ark

Trans. width 1550mm
Trans. height 1000mm
Trans. Length 1220mm
Length with nest boxes 1550mm

Floor area 1445 x 1110mm - 1.6 sq.m.

Head clearance 380mm
Floor clearance 396mm

Weight 62.0kgs & 82.0kgs With 4ft Run

Eco Hen Ark Colours

Your Eco Hen Ark is available in avariety of colours you may have it despatched to your yard in either red, green, black or grey.

Eco Hen Ark Superfront Feeder Options

For farmers and smallholders that want access to the hens run their is the option of a sliding door and an opening door on the deluxe and super deluxe models. For feeding outside of the hens deluxe extension run you have the option of superfront feeder holes.

Superfront feeder holes: 55mm Wide x 115mm High (from base to top of arc)

The superfront feeder holes are fitted four on each side of the sliding hatch. The superfront feeder holes give your hens plenty of room to feed in comfort with absolutely no chance of escape. This allows easy feeding from outside the run, minimises any chance of feed spillages and your hens running through their feed within the Eco Hen Ark extension run.

Please request when placing your order that you would like feeder holes on the end of your run otherwise this will be blank apart from handles and the door.

Our Hen Arks and Hen Houses are available to buy through our recycled plastic products shop


"I'm so pleased with the hen arc. Having battled red mite for several years I have completely given up on wooden coops in favour of plastic. The ark I bought from you is perfect for my small flock - easy to clean, hygienic and light enough to move easily."

Susan from Norwich.

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