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Make Lambing Time easy...
Proven New Style Lambing Pens for both Indoor & Outdoor Use.

Simple to Set Up In a Row or Back to Back With Bucket Holders or Without. Lambing pens are made from Agriboard, which is a more rigid version of our Solway-Board.All pens have bucket holders which hold 1 gallon or 4.5 litre buckets. All pens can be specially ordered at 40ins, Or 100cms high.


This unit is available in all pen sizes and is so simple to install. When you have a problem ewe, either needing a foster lamb or not letting her lambs feed you just replace the normal front with the specially designed
adopter front.

Mr Herbie Kennedy and his son Alan run a flock of pure Charollais ewes near Dumfries. They have used the adopter fronts in their early lambing flock and were amazed at how efficient and easy to use the adopter front was.

Herbie said 'When you are in the middle of lambing the last thing you need hassled with is trying to set up gates or pallets to accommodate a problem ewe. With this new Solway Adopter System, it has made a fantastic difference and is so user friendly'.

Please Note:

Because our Lamb Adopter Fronts are dual purpose, and can be used as adopters and normal doors, you must use an anti-move pad when it is used as an adopter. This is to reduce the risk of accidents to ewes and lambs.

Adopter fronts available for all sizes.

The Outdoor Range

Due to farmers demand Solway have introduced "The Outdoor Range" of lambing pens for the upland farmers lambing outside. This new range have a tapered side to facilitate an adjustable sliding roof which keeps the ewes and new born lambs away from wind and rain until the lamb is strong enough to withstand the elements.

The first of these new pens have been purchased & used by Alistair Gourlay from Castlefairn, Moniave

Award Winning 100% Recycled Plastic Lambing Pens / Sheep Hurdles
Non Absorbent, Easily Steam Cleaned, Durable and Non Toxic.

more testimonials...
"Just a quick note to say how pleased we are with the lambing pens. They are so easy to use and you know that once the ewe and lamb/s is inside, they are warm and safe."
Mrs Dee Lyon from Lochgilphead

"they only take minutes to build and can be installed in a spare shed or even outside".
Mr Rawlings from Cumbria

"I bought one group of ten pens in late February which I found so user friendly. The ewes and lambs did so well in the pens and looked so comfortable that I made a second order for more pens".
Ceri from Welshpool, Mid Wales

"These Solway lambing pens are so versatile and easy to use. One of our main concerns at lambing time is disease and we found the pens so easy to keep clean as they are manufactured from a non absorbent material. When lambing was finished we just flat packed them onto a pallet and stored them away for the next season. Another point I would like to make especially against hurdles is that there is no miss mothering with lambs jumping from pen to pen".
Jim Goldie - Renown pedigree breeder from Dumfries,

An extremely satisfied customer who purchased Solway Lambing Pens in 2008 was The Firm of John Bennett, Mid Dale Farm, Longsleddale. Quoted Mr Bennet "The pens were easy to erect, handle and move about. All the simple things which can cause mortalities in young lambs seemed to have been thought about - for instance a reduction in draughts and no obstacles for newborn lambs to get stuck in". Mr Bennett also commented on the reduction in disease carry over, easy to clean and flat pack away for the next season. He was so impressed with them that he invited two of his neighbours to have a look at the pens who in turn both bought lambing pens.

After viewing the Solway Lambing pens at his neighbours, Mr Andrew Sutton, Netherhouse Farm, Longsleddale, Kendal purchased Solway Lambing pens for his 2008 lambing. Mr Sutton commented that the main selling point for him was the consideration that had been shown for disease reduction and general welfare of young lambs. Said Mr Sutton, during lambing time there is so much to do that at least if the newborn were in a safe environment it was one thing of his mind.

Mr Pinguey from Wigton in Cumbria bought twenty Solway Lambing Pens and only lost one lamb. Commented Mr Pinguey, the pens were easy to manage and keep clean. He was so impressed with them that he ordered another batch at the Cumberland Show for this coming lambing.

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