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Polytunnel And Greenhouse Film Wanted For Recycling

We will recycle your Polytunnel film, deliver to us or we can arrange collection. Call 01387 730666 now and ask for Kenny.

We are looking for large volumes of polytunnel and greenhouse film for recycling in 2013 and beyond. We have the capacity to move large volumes of ground cover trickle tape and polytunnel film. FREE RECYCLING SOLUTIONS for the horticultural market are possible.

Frequently Asked Questions When Recycling Horticultural Plastic:

FAQ: I've got a lot of horticultural film what capacity do Solway have?

We collected and recycled over 90T of plastic from one strawberry farm last year and it did fill 5 arctic loads and take place over several months but with enough notice we can fit your schedule perfectly.

FAQ: What about trickle tape and ground cover?

As you well know in the horticultural field these materials carry a lot of contamination we ask you to keep them clean and if possible have them separate prior to collection. (At Solway we know this is not always common practice) - LDPE ground covers should be fine for recycling whether they are clear, blue, black or white.

FAQ: I've Got Fleece Ground Covers Can You Recycle Them?

No promises here, the market for fleece ground cover recycling is constantly changing. What we would always advise with this material is that you keep it as clean and dry as possible. When lichen starts to grow it is very hard to recycle.

How Should My Horticultural Plastic Be Presented For Collection?

Please separate wherever possible the trickle tape form the ground covers for very large farms we would load these materials on different visits volume permitting.

The polytunnel we would appreciate rolled into larger sized balls to help with the speed of loading.

Please where possible remove all contaminants and be careful when removing the ground covers roots and plant matter cause havoc with the recycling process and have led in the past to material being rejected and being sent to landfill - (AT SOLWAY WE HAVE A 100% COMMITMENT TO KEEPING ALL MATERIAL WE HAVE ANY CONTACT WITH OUT OF LANDFILL AND BACK IN TO THE PRODUCTION CYCLE). Please help us with this.

If you have the capacity to bale and store material this will make things easier but it is not required and please phone us andask for advice as baling some materials together will make the recycling process harder.

How Do I Arrange My Horticultural Plastic Collection?

Call us now on 01387 730666 - ask for Kenny who will deals with the larger enquiries - p.s he's a pain and will ask you for pictures of the material prior to agreeing the uplifts.

Alternatively Contact Us For Any Further Information Regarding Your Horiticultural Plastic Recycling Needs.