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Crop Cover Recycling - Large Bulk Loads Wanted For Recycling

From time to time we can take bulk loads of crop cover for recycling. If you think you have a full load for delivery then don't hesitate to get in touch.

What types of crop cover do Solway want for recycling?

All ground covers we're looking for at this time mainly from potato and carrot farmers and we will take definitely large loads of clear, white and black crop covers will be considered subject to contamination levels.

We might even be able to move your fleece crop cover this will depend on how clean it is and demand at the time for the material.

How do Solway require the material prior to disposing of the waste from the farm?

As clean as possible the less dirt, straw and stones then the more plastic per load we have a very goood compactor trailer suited to the job and can pick up over 20T of loose material without any problems.

The material can be delivered to us or uplifted in either baled form, loose or in solway liners.

How soon can Solway Pick up my carrot cover I've got 20T to move today?

Demand for large loads to be moved is very high we'll get your plastics moved for you as quickly as we can idealy you won't have to wait any longer than a week or two to have your crop cover assessed click here to arrange farm plastic collection. Or give us a call on 01387 730666.